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Who We Regulate

Protected titles are granted to each regulated health profession through the Health Professions Act (HPA). To use protected titles, as identified in Schedule 24 of the HPA, individuals must be registered with and regulated by the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA). Protected titles are: 

  • Registered nurse (RN) 
  • Certified graduate nurse (CGN) 
  • Nurse practitioner (NP) 
  • Graduate nurse (GN) 
  • Graduate nurse practitioner (GNP) 

The CRNA makes the register available for the public to search. This search tool allows anyone to confirm an individual’s registration and permit status. 

If information displayed on the public lookup is different from information provided by the Registrar, the information provided by the Registrar is correct.

Unregistered Individuals 

At times, unregistered individuals may attempt to seek employment in the profession or act as if they are registered. If the nurse search does not show the person you are looking for, they may be awaiting a hearing or completing items from a disciplinary decision.

The CRNA is taking steps to stop individuals from representing themselves with these protected titles. Be advised that the following individuals appear to be holding themselves out as a registered nurse, but are NOT registered with or regulated by the CRNA: 

  • Robin/Robinn Strub 
  • Sienna Johnson 
  • Sierra Greer 
  • Charrybelle Talaue (a.k.a. Charrybelle Perez Talaue and Charrybelle Talaue Baldesancho)


Conditions may be placed on a practice permit for different reasons.  

Provisional Permits

Provisional permits are issued before the registrant has passed the standardized exams for entry-level RNs (NCLEX) or NPs in Canada. They usually require the registrant to be supervised, meet the mandatory CRNA education requirements and pass their exam.   

Conduct Management

If conditions are placed on a registrant’s practice permit following the conduct management process, the CRNA informs employers and other nursing jurisdictions. Once the registrant has complied with a condition, it is removed from their practice permit. 


The competence committee has the authority to impose one or more conditions on a practice permit to ensure a registrant is meeting competency requirements. 

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Registration number: Each applicant receives a unique identifier.
Permit effective from: Permits are valid for one year. Renewed applications will be dated October 1.
Registrant type: This identifies their current registration status.
Authorizations: Some registrants are approved to provide additional restricted activities.
Conditions: Limitations can be placed on a registrant’s practice.
Section 65 Conditions: In some situations, conditions could be placed on a registrant's permit, including suspension, before the complaint is resolved, and possibly even before the matter is investigated (Section 65 of the HPA).
Section 118 Conditions: If the complaints director or assistant complaints director has grounds to believe that a registrant is incapacitated, they may be required to submit to an examination. This can occur at any time during the complaint process, or even if no complaint is submitted. Depending on the result of the examination, conditions may be placed on a registrant's permit that restrict or preclude their practice (Section 118 of the HPA).