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GP 5 - Council Chair’s Charter

Policy Number: GP 5 Effective Date: September 2022
Last Review Date: March 2021 Next Review Date: September 2023
Review Frequency: Annually Related Supporting Documents:
  1. Source of Authority

    The Chair is established under section 5(2) of the Act.

  2. Establishment

    2.1. The Chair is appointed in accordance with section 7 of the Act and Bylaw 2.

    2.2. Any Council member may serve as Chair.

    2.3. The Chair’s term is for two (2) years, and the Chair is eligible to serve for two (2) consecutive terms.

    2.4. In the absence of the Chair, the Chair of the Leadership Review and Governance Committee will be designated as acting Chair of Council and shall have the powers and duties of the Chair.

    2.5. If a vacancy occurs in the position of Chair the remaining members of Council may determine whether to fill the vacancy and may make such appointments or arrangements as they consider appropriate in the circumstances.

  3. Duties and Responsibilities

    3.1. The Chair shall preside as chair of Council.

    3.2. The Chair leads Council and the College governance processes and ensures Council’s conduct is consistent with its own rules and those legitimately imposed upon it.

    3.3. The role of the Chair is to act as the voice of Council and to lead and support Council in achieving its governance and regulatory responsibilities.

    3.4. The Chair ensures the integrity of the Council’s process, represents Council to the public and the registrants.

    3.5. The Chair:

    3.5.1. Ensures that Council meeting discussion content will focus on issues and topics, which, according to Council policy, clearly belong to Council to decide, not the CEO & Registrar

    3.5.2. Ensures that deliberation will be fair, open, and thorough, but also efficient, timely, orderly, and kept to the point

    3.5.3. Develops Council meeting agendas with the CEO & Registrar and with input from Council members and Committee Chairs

    3.5.4. Guides Council in carrying out its responsibilities

    3.5.5. Builds board unity, solidarity, and trust; demonstrates integrity and ethical leadership

    3.5.6. Mentors and coaches Council members, collectively and individually, to ensure full utilization of individual capabilities and optimum performance of Council

    3.5.7. Initiates the proper process and procedure to ensure Council successfully fulfils its purpose and responsibilities

    3.5.8. Serves as a non-voting, ex officio member of all Council Committees (the presence of the Chair will not be counted towards quorum unless they are appointed as a committee member)

    3.5.9. Acts as a sounding board and counsel for the CEO & Registrar

    3.5.10. Ensures that Council members are properly informed on matters of substance;

    3.6. The authority of the Chair consists of making decisions that fall within Council policies except where Council specifically delegates portions of this authority to others.

    3.7. The Chair is authorized to use any reasonable interpretation of the provisions in these policies. The Chair has no authority to supervise or direct the CEO & Registrar.

    3.8. The relationship between the Chair and CEO & Registrar is one that is collegial, collaborative, and advisory.