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Complaint Management Process

The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) has a process for managing complaints that protects both the public and the integrity of the nursing profession. 

If a member of the public, a colleague or an employer submits a complaint against a registrant, the CRNA follows a defined complaint management process. The process can take a few days or perhaps months, depending on the complexity and severity of the complaint. 

The CRNA will update the complainant and the registrant throughout and, where there is an investigation, at least every 60 days. 

The Complaint 

Once a complaint is made, the CRNA’s complaints director (CD) or associate complaints director (ACD) will review the allegations to determine how to move forward. Within 30 days of receiving a complaint, the CD will notify the complainant of the action taken on their complaint.  

  • When a signed complaint is received, the CRNA will verify that the individual named in the complaint was a registrant on the date(s) in question or, that no more than two years have passed since they were a registrant, and that the incidents occurred at a time when the individual had a CRNA permit. 
  • The CRNA will contact the complainant to verify the content of the complaint and may ask for further information.  

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), the CD has options for handling complaints:  

  • The CD may request the complainant make reasonable attempts to resolve the concern directly with the registrant or with the registrant’s employer. If the result is unsuccessful the complaint can be re-submitted. 
  • If, on initial review, there is insufficient evidence of unprofessional conduct or if the complaint is trivial or vexatious, the CRNA may dismiss the complaint. The complainant can request a review of the dismissal decision to the complaint review committee (Section 55(3) of the HPA).  
  • The CD or ACD may speak to the complainant and the registrant to see if expedited alternate resolution is an option. 
  •  The complaint may be directed to investigation

The CRNA will contact the registrant in question and provide them with a copy of the complaint. The complainant's name, but not their personal contact information will be provided. 

Information provided on this page is provided to outline the complaints process and is not intended to replace legal advice.