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GP 7 - Corporate Secretary’s Charter

Policy Number: GP 7 Effective Date: September 2022
Last Review Date: March 2021 Next Review Date: September 2023
Review Frequency: Annually Related Supporting Documents:
  1. Source of Authority

    The Corporate Secretary’s role is established under this governance policy.

  2. Establishment

    2.1. The Corporate Secretary is an employee of the College and organizationally reports to the CEO & Registrar but functionally reports to the Chair of Council and/or committee Chairs.

    2.2. Where the Secretary is absent or unable to act, has not designated a replacement, or the office of Secretary is vacant, the CEO & Registrar or a Department Chief may appoint another person to act as meeting secretary for the purposes of that meeting.

  3. Duties and Responsibilities

    3.1. The Corporate Secretary shall maintain the corporate books and records, and therefore shall:

    3.1.1. Ensure centralized confidential corporate secretarial services are delivered to the organization, Council, and committees. This will include: Requests for and proper notice of meetings of Council or of a committee; Provision of the agenda, minutes of or reports from the meetings of all committees, and all relevant documents, notices and information as may be required for each meeting of the Council; Production of, and recommendations for, Council and committee workplans.

    3.2. Ensure the management of all Council and committee meetings logistics, including the coordination, preparation and distribution of Council/committee pre-read materials, meeting agendas, notifications, and meeting minutes for the Council, and minutes or reports arising from committees;

    3.2.1. Ensure the preparation of all correspondence for the Council and/or committees;

    3.2.2. Attend Council and committee meetings as necessary;

    3.2.3. Ensure minutes, including a record of all Council decisions, are kept of all meetings of the Council (draft minutes to be forwarded to the Chair and Council within three business days for review) and committees;

    3.2.4. Ensure that a tracking system is in place for all outstanding action items and that follow up is brought to the attention of the Chair;

    3.2.5. Ensure records are kept of official documents;

    3.2.6. Upon request, sign, and issue certified copes of all official and other documents;

    3.2.7. Ensure the processing of Council and committee expense claims according to approved policy and/or guidelines;

    3.2.8. Promote corporate governance best practices through analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of Council and committee policies and procedures;

    3.2.9. Support the Council Chair in performing their role;

    3.2.10. Ensure the official/legal corporate records including Council approvals are maintained for ease of access;

    3.2.11. Ensure the establishment of standards for presentations at Council and committee meetings, and outside the organization to ensure consistent quality control; and

    3.2.12. Perform other duties that may be assigned to them from time to time by the Chair and/or the CEO & Registrar.