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Annual Permits Are Required to Practice and Use Protected Titles

July 7, 2022

For someone to use a protected health-care title and designation, they must receive a permit to be a registrant with the corresponding regulatory college. The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA) is responsible for overseeing registered nurses, certified graduate nurses, nurse practitioners, graduate nurses and graduate nurse practitioners. The CRNA requires these nurses to renew their permit every year to ensure they provide care competently, ethically and safely.

In addition to the annual permit, the CRNA requires all current registrants complete the Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Misconduct course and the self-directed learning activities based on the Practice Standards for Regulated Members. These regulatory activities are in place to protect health and welfare by assuring current competence in nursing care is provided by licensed nurses.

If an annual permit to practice is not renewed, the individual can no longer work under a protected title or designation in Alberta. The CRNA will inform employers of the expired permits.

How Nurses Maintain Their Permit