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GP10 - Council Selection Policy

Policy Number: GP 10 Effective Date: May 26, 2022
Last Review Date: November 2020 Next Review Date: November 2021
Review Frequency: Initial review after first year, then every 2 years Related Supporting Documents:  

Council consists of 16 members: 8 regulated members and 8 government appointed public members. This Policy outlines the process by which Council members and the Chair will be selected.

  1. On an annual basis, the Nominating Committee will update the Competencies and Attributes Profile for Council. This will identify the sought-after competencies and attributes for the coming selection year.
  2. The Profile will be provided to regulated members, expressing interest in appointment to Council. The Nominating Committee will review all applications and vet applicant competencies and attributes against the approved Profile. This vetting process may include resumes, reference checking and/or interviews, to satisfy the Committee.
  3. Incumbent Council members who are eligible and seek reappointment will follow the same process as new candidates.
  4. The Nominating Committee will identify those applicants they deem as qualified applicants and those applicants they deem as not qualified.
  5. The Nominating Committee may retain the services of an external search firm to assist with recruitment.
  6. The Nominating Committee will provide to Council
    1. Its identification of applicants it deems to be qualified and why and identification of applicants it deems to be not qualified and why not;
    2. Its recommendations for appointment or reappointment; and
    3. Short bios of each applicant.
  7. After the appointment process is completed, the Committee will update Council’s Competencies & Attributes Profile to reflect the new composition of Council.
  8. This updated Profile will be communicated to the Government of Alberta, which is encouraged to use this in selecting the government appointed public members of Council each year.
  9. Council will select its own Chair from among its number. The Chair may be a regulated member or a public member. The Nominating Committee will review the qualifications of interested candidates against the Chair Competencies & Attributes Profile, and recommend qualified candidates to Council. Council will approve the process for selecting the Chair.
  10. A member of the Nominating Committee who puts their name forward for consideration for the position of Chair of Council shall declare a conflict of interest and recuse themselves from all Nominating Committee discussions and deliberations concerning the review and recommendation of qualified candidates.