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11. Registrar

11.1. Duties and Powers

  1. The Registrar appointed under Section 8 of the Act may:
    1. consider applications for registration and applications for a practice permit,
    2. undertake any other power or duty given to the Registrar under the Act, the Regulations or these Bylaws, and
    3. subject to sections 19 and 20 of the Act, execute any powers and duties delegated by Council.
  2. If the practice permit or registration, or both, of a regulated member has been cancelled, the registration and practice permit are not to be reinstated except by order of the Registrar, who may refer the matter to the Registration Committee.
  3. The Registrar may in their sole discretion decide to refer any application for registration or practice permit to the Registration Committee or the Competence Committee for their determination.
  4. The Registrar may delegate in writing all or any of their duties and responsibilities to another staff member, with or without conditions.