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4. Vacant Positions on Council

4.1. Registered Nurse Member of Council

  1. Notwithstanding any timelines set out in article 6.2., if the position of a Registered Nurse member of Council, other than the Chair, becomes vacant for any reason
    1. Council shall appoint a Registered Nurse member who meets the eligibility requirements in articles 6.1. and 6.4., having regard for the most recent Competencies and Attributes Profile approved by Council; and
    2. The term of the position will be adjusted to maintain the one-third turnover rate in accordance with article 3.3.

4.2. Change of Residence

If a member of Council ceases to be a resident of Alberta during their term of office, that member automatically resigns their position on Council.

4.3. The Chair

  1. Whenever there will be a vacancy in the position of Chair for the upcoming year, Council shall elect a Chair from among the voting members of Council.  The term of Chair is two years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.
  2. If a member of Council is in their 3rd consecutive or 6th consecutive year on Council and is elected by Council to serve as Chair, then notwithstanding article 3.3 and Part III:
    1. the term of the Chair on Council is extended to four years so that they can complete their two-year term as Chair.
    2. the Chair does not need to seek reappointment to Council for their second year as Chair.

4.4. Vacancy of Chair

If a vacancy occurs in the position of Chair the remaining members of Council may determine whether or not to fill the vacancy and may make such appointments or arrangements as they consider appropriate in the circumstances.