Alberta Health Act

In January 2010, the Minister's Advisory Committee on Health recommended that Alberta establish a single piece of legislation – the Alberta Health Act – to set the overall direction for the province's publicly-funded health system. Subsequently, MLA Fred Horne was appointed by government to lead a public consultation process asking about core components of the proposed Alberta Health Act, and what that Act should do for the publicly-funded health system. CARNA CEO Mary-Anne Robinson served on the eight-member advisory committee established by Horne to assist in the consultation.

CARNA submission to the Advisory Committee (July 2010)

“It's Time to Have Your Say” (CARNA CEO Message, Alberta RN July 2010)

CARNA submission to the Minister's Advisory Committee on Health (October 2009)

For more information on the Alberta Health Act, please visit the following Government of Alberta web pages:

Your Alberta Health Act