Currently Registered In Canada

This page is for you if:

  • You are currently registered, or were previously registered, as an RN in a Canadian jurisdiction outside Alberta and are registering for the first time in Alberta


  • You have completed your nursing education in a Canadian jurisdiction outside Alberta and are applying to:
    • the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE), and/or
    • obtain temporary registration as a Graduate Nurse (GN) and practise in Alberta, and/or
    • register as an RN for the first time in Alberta

Application Process

Becoming registered in Alberta is a two-step process outlined in the Health Professions Act including the Registered Nurses Profession Regulation. Individuals who do not currently hold a practice permit in Alberta must first apply for registration and then for a practice permit.

  1. A non-refundable assessment fee of $52.50 (including GST) is due on application. You will be notified by email once a decision is made on your eligibility to apply for registration.
  2. If you are eligible to apply for registration, you will receive instructions on completing your, including payment and meeting Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements.
    • For first-time applicants to CARNA, you will complete CCP requirements at the time you apply for a practice permit. You can review information about the CCP at

Requirements for registration as an RN in Alberta include:

  1. Identification
    • To confirm your identity and protect you from identity theft, you must submit two pieces of government-issued identification, one of which bears your photograph, and any applicable name change documents (e.g. government-issued marriage certificate). Your complete legal name and date of birth must show on your identification and must be consistent on all identification provided.
    • CARNA strongly recommends you scan and email, take a photo and email or mail a photocopy of your identification. Identification may be emailed to Faxed identification is often unclear and may delay the processing of your application.

  2. Currency of Practice
    Met by evidence of one of the following, within the previous five CARNA membership years (October 1 - September 30):
    • 1125 hours of RN practice satisfactory to the Registrar, or
    • successful completion of a degree or nursing program satisfactory to the Registrar, or
    • successful completion of a nursing refresher program satisfactory to CARNA Provincial Council

    After submitting your online Intent to Apply application, please complete and email the Currency of Registered Nursing Practice Form to

  3. Verification of Registration
    • for new graduates that have not yet achieved RN registration, from the Canadian jurisdiction in which you completed your education and any jurisdictions in which you held temporary or provisional registration
    • from the Canadian jurisdiction in whsich you currently or most recently held registration, and
    • each jurisdiction in which you held registration in the past five years

    Please complete Part A of the Verification of Nurse Registration Request Form and forward the form to each regulatory body. The verification must be sent to CARNA directly from the regulator.

  4. Satisfactory Employer Reference
    • from your current or most recent employer
      Please complete page 1 of the Employer Reference and give to your employer. The reference must be based on a minimum of 225 hours of employment, excluding orientation, be completed and signed by your immediate RN supervisor or manager and sent to CARNA directly from your employer.

  5. English Language Proficiency
    You must declare your first language. If your first language is not English, you are required to demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing, listening and reading of the English language sufficient to engage in safe, competent, ethical nursing care. English can only be considered your first language if:
    • it is the language you learned at home in childhood or
    • it is the language which you identify as knowing best and being most comfortable with and
    • it is the language you primarily use for reading, writing, listening, and speaking

    English language proficiency is demonstrated by:
    • graduation within the past two years from an approved Canadian nursing education program taught in English, or
    • graduation with the past two years from an approved bilingual nursing education program in Canada provided there was a minimum of 1125 hours of theory and clinical practice instruction in the English language during the last two years of the program, or during the last two years of the program combined with RN experience in the two years following graduation, or
    • evidence of practice as an RN in Canada for a minimum of 1125 hours within the past two years where services were provided in English and where the primary language was English.

    If your first language is not English and you do not fall under any of the categories outlined above, you will be required to demonstrate English language proficiency by providing scores satisfactory to CARNA on one of the English language tests accepted by CARNA. Please refer to the CARNA website for current acceptable tests and scores. English language test results must be less than six months old at the time of your application to CARNA. Please attach a copy of your test result to your application form and arrange for the original to be sent to CARNA directly from the test centre.

    If the Registrar has any question about whether your first language is English because of any inconsistency with other information you have provided, the Registrar will require an explanation and supporting documentation.

Please note that on assessment of your application, you may be required to provide additional information or documentation before a decision can be made.

The above requirements are subject to change and do not supersede CARNA registration policies.

Courtesy Permit

Courtesy permits may be granted under certain circumstances to allow RNs from other Canadian jurisdictions to practice nursing in Alberta for a specific purpose on a short-term basis, not to exceed one year (e.g. engaging in a post-RN clinical practicum or disaster relief). The requirements are the same as those outlined above for RN registration, with the additional requirement that Courtesy permit holders are required to maintain RN registration in good standing in their home jurisdiction throughout the period of the Courtesy permit. Courtesy permit holders are not required to participate in the Continuing Competence Program in Alberta. To inquire about whether you are eligible to apply for a Courtesy permit, please contact