Question & Answer with Party Leaders
Hear What Party Leaders Have to Say on Nursing Issues

Four out of five party leaders accepted our invitation to respond on camera to three questions from CARNA President Dianne Dyer by Monday, April 16. They also had the option of submitting recorded responses. The Wildrose Party declined our invitation.

The questions mirror those included in the issue briefings developed for members interested in getting engaged on health issues important to registered nurses in the current election.

Here are the questions asked and video responses, click on the party logo to view video responses.

Q1. True primary health care involves having direct access to health promotion activities provided by a collaborative team of health care providers and involvement in the community. What models of primary health care would you implement and why?

Q1 responses:



Q2. Patient safety in health care is our number one priority. Research shows that adding more registered nurses to the acute-care hospital workforce can help save lives and shorten hospital stays. How would your party ensure that sufficient funds are allocated to health care to hire and retain the qualified staff needed to ensure patient safety and quality outcomes?

Q2 responses:



Q3. Seniors are frequently being transferred to Emergency Departments from long-term care due to missed identification of subtle signs of changes in health conditions or falls, impacting emergency department wait times. How would you fund supportive living and long-term care centres to ensure residents receive adequate levels of care by qualified providers including registered nurses and nurse practitioners?

Q3 responses:



Read CARNA President Dianne Dyer's latest blog post "Making Your Voice Heard" and let her know what YOU think the top three priorities should be for our health system and what your message is on these important issues.