Document List

CARNA Documents
The following CARNA documents are available here in PDF format and are listed in alphabetical order under one of the following categories:

Standards for Registered Nurses
Standards describe the minimum expectations that must be met by members of the profession.

Nursing Practice Guidelines
Guidelines are suggestions for members, for enhanced or best practices. Guidelines are statements that identify principles, give instructions, information or direction, clarify roles and responsibilities, and/or provide a framework for decision-making.

Position Statements
Position statements set out CARNA's formal stand or beliefs on particular issues, and are intended to provide members with interpretation or clarification.

Interpretive Documents
Interpretive documents provide guidance for registereed nurses (RNs) employed in education and practice settings.

Publications Endorsed by CARNA
Documents developed by external organizations that CARNA Provincial Council has formally endorsed.

Other Publications and Documents
Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) documents are available in the Members Only section at the CNPS website. CARNA members can obtain the CNPS password on the CARNA members' only area.